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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Here are just a few examples of Dynamics CRM projects undertaken by Meteor IT for our clients, including new installations of CRM online and on-premises, upgrades from CRM 4.0 to 2011, and migrations from a variery of previous systems.

Our approach to projects is to complete them "right first time" by paying attention to the details as well as the overall goals and aims.

Adam Vero, Technical Director

Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premises Implementation and data migration from Act

A client specialising in software for the education and training sector wanted to replace Symantec Act and a bespoke in-house quotation system with Dynamics CRM 2011 as their single business process management tool. As lead consultant I worked with the client to analyse their existing and desired business processes, wrote the system specifications and installed and configured the system to meet these requirements.

This implementation involved substantial customisation of the system and creation of some complex workflow processes. It also made extensive use of the CRM product catalogue and sales order processing functionality, with some additional bespoke development to provide better automation for the annual process of renewing customer licences.

I managed the data migration of their existing "flat" structure of Account and Contact data into a hierarchical model suited to Dynamics CRM. I cleansed the data as part of this process to improve accuracy and formatting, and even created new Contact records from implicit data such as additional email addresses.

Dynamics CRM 4.0 to 2011 Migration and System Review

I was the lead consultant upgrading a specialist software company's CRM 4.0 system to CRM 2011 for about 115 users. To take advantage of newer features I also worked with them to perform a full review of the system and improve many areas of form and view layouts, on-form javascripts and complex workflows.

Dynamics CRM Online - Implementation and data migration from Goldmine

A small consulting services organisation wanted to implement CRM Online to improve their process management and provide clearer management reporting across the business. I worked with them to design, build and customise a system to fit their requirements and train their diverse group of users to use this. There was substantial customisation around project management and time recording, as well as areas for grant applications and funding, event management and a customer "membership" programme.

Dynamics CRM 2011 Upgrade and integration using the Connector for NAV

I completed an upgrade from CRM 4.0 to 2011 (alongside a consultant upgrading to NAV 2009) and installed and configured the Connector to integrate the two systems, bringing Account, Contact, Sales Order and Invoice data from NAV into CRM. I added custom fields in CRM and redesigned most of the forms, views and reports in CRM to suit the customer (rather than the default CRM 4.0 they had used), and trained the users.

Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - training, support, customisation

A fast-growing technology client rolled out Office 2007 and replaced their old contact management system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as they were themselves a MS Gold Partner for Dynamics. Initially Meteor IT developed and delivered training courses to show staff how to use this new software to manage their daily work.

We continued working on the project for nearly a year to modify the CRM system to fit their business processes, customising fields and forms to capture crucial data, writing workflows to automate record keeping and process flows, and creating reports to provide essential management data. Meteor IT also coordinated internal developers to produce bespoke plugins, workflows and integration components and ensure these met the business requirements.

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