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Office 2007 Skills Update

Have you started working with Office 2007?

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Are you struggling to find some things you used to be familiar with?

If this sounds like you, then our Office 2007 skills update training would be ideal.

Instead of spending a long time being shown all the things that have not changed, these courses focus on teaching you how to find all your favourite tools in the new version, and a few of the new features which will have the most immediate benefit for you.

When you first see the Office 2007 interface you will immediately notice that everything looks different, and you may be a little confused how to find the tools you use most. You might also have read about many new features and want to find out what they are and how to use them.

While the new version is more efficient in some respects, it can take a while for people to find their way around and get back up to their previous productivity levels. Our Office 2007 skills update courses can speed up that process and get you working more effectively than ever999.

Don't waste time on familiar things

Our Microsoft Office Master Instructor will not waste your time showing you things which have not changed - these sessions are focussed on helping you to do the tasks you are familiar with in new ways with the latest version.

We offer courses aimed at people who use various parts of the Microsoft Office suite equally, or "power users" of Excel and PowerPoint. We can also put together a customised package to suit your exact requirements.

Three courses to suit your needs

The General overview course covers the new interface, file formats and features common across the Office 2007 suite such as SmartArt, and spends about 1/3 of the session each on Excel and PowerPoint where some of the more significant changes have taken place.

The Excel and PowerPoint courses are slightly longer and cover the same shared elements. About 2/3 of the time is then spent on more specific features of the chosen application. This is ideally suited to people who tend to pick up new concepts quickly and already have an intermediate or advanced level of skill with the appropriate software. By choosing to attend either of these courses you will gain a more thorough understanding of the applications you use the most.

Downloads below (pdf format) Download course outlines below (Acrobat pdf file format). Click to view or right-click and save to your computer.

Office 2007 Skills Update - General overview

Office 2007 Skills Update - overview + Excel

Office 2007 Skills Update - overview + PowerPoint

Please note that the Office 2007 Skills Update General course includes some coverage of Outlook 2007, whereas the Excel and PowerPoint courses do not in order to make more time available to cover the new features of those applications in more depth. None of these skills update courses currently provide training in the use of Business Contact Manager or OneNote; although we can always offer this as bespoke training to suit your needs.